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black diamond tweezer collection


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the black diamond tweezer collection is versatile and will help make lashing a breeze at your lash station. whether you are doing classics, hybrids or volume our tweezers will not disappoint.

our slim black design will make picking up your lashes a breeze.  she will meet all your needs and the diamond grip will help make your lashing more comfortable. 

choose from:

  • straight isolation  *pre-sale item - expected to ship 8/16/22*
  • curved isolation
  • skinny lashing tweezer
  • 90s baby 90 degree lashing tweezer (nano grip technology)  *pre-sale item - expected to ship 8/16/22*
  • sweet spot lashing tweezer
  • mega volume lashing tweezer
  • boot volume lashing tweezer

each tweezer comes in a sleek individual tube. Each tweezer features our signature logo.

Our tweezers will not peel, fade or rust. Safe to submerge completely in sanitizing solutions. grab your new favorite tweezers today. Each tweezer is sold individually 

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